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More than 18 million men in America are suffering from Erectile Dysfunction, one of the prime reasons for divorce and heart breaks

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  • Generic Viagra does its working effectively by treating male impotence from the core, but at the same time, men needs to be stimulated to attain its effect.
  • This anti-impotence drug is to be consumed only when needed.
  • Only one pill is to be consumed per day and only when you feel urge for sex.
  • The ED treating drugs are only effective for impotent men suffering from penile issues.
  • Eat! But one should maintain a proper balance in consumption of food. For instant, if you are going for some functions eat small meals and snacks during day and you may enjoy your function. This balance in food will help you to remain light and ED drug to show maximum result.
  • Consume the drug form in whichever form it is available, changing the state of the drug like crushing or chewing pill lowers effectiveness of the drug form.
  • Try high-powered doses if low powered drugs are not working well for you, intake of multiple doses leads to severe reactions.
  • Dosage pattern of the drugs should be followed as prescribed by your doctor.
  • Consume the pill alone without any combination for best outcomes.
  • Intake of the pill should be done 30 minutes prior sexual intercourse for attaining long lasting results.


  • Do not consume Generic Viagra if you are not sexually stimulated.
  • Consuming the drug while getting involved in activities like travelling, driving, etc. is not recommended safe.
  • Do not consume the pill on regular basis, as ED is not a disease.
  • Consumption of extra doses for better results leads to several side effects. Hence, should be avoided.
  • Avoid intake of fatty product or heavy meals before consumption of Generic Viagra drug as it can low down the effect of the drug. 
  • If you are suffering from heart disease, kidney or liver disease, diabetes, or any other major illness, strictly avoid consuming ED drugs.
  • Women and children should not consume this drug.
  • In case you are allergic to Sildenafil Citrate, do not consume the medication.
  • Intake of nitrates and iso-sorbides with ED curing drug is not recommended as they inter-react badly and may show severe reactions.
  • ED curing Drugs are suggested to be consumed in moderation, excess use of the pill may worsen the condition.
  • Avoid intake of alcohol or such products with ED curing drug as they may challenge the performance of drug.
  • Do not consume Sildenafil Citrate formula if you are suffering from any kidney or liver disease.
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