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More than 18 million men in America are suffering from Erectile Dysfunction, one of the prime reasons for divorce and heart breaks

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Erectile Dysfunction problem has haunted men since centuries. During late 16 and 17 centuries in France, male impotence was treated as crime, as well as it was legal to get divorced if male was found impotent. Finding a trusted and best alternative to relieve male impotence was undertaken in a big way during 1920s and 1930s, in USA. Current survey shows 22% of 40 years old men and up to 49% of 70 years, old men throughout the world are suffering from Erectile Dysfunction issues.

Erectile dysfunction in men is also known as impotence or ED. This term refers to a man's inability to attain or maintain natural erection that is must for intercourse. ED in men is curable; most of the men suffering from ED are at basic stage that could be cured naturally without any medication. In case men is suffering issues in attaining or maintaining erection for more than few weeks or months, medicinal guidance is must in such extreme cases. Erectile Dysfunction can cause stress, anxiety, and self-confidence issues in men that can also risk relationships.
Along with ED curing medications, impotent men are also suggested to possess stress relief methods like, meditation and therapy, which are helpful in dealing with impotence and may cure stress. Acquire plenty of sleep and exercise to reverse stress-related impotence, this practice can cure mild penile failure or can improve effectiveness of medications you are consuming.
Erectile Dysfunction in men is mainly the inability to attain and maintain an erection for longer time. Consuming medication can improve the performance but it only works if you are sexually stimulated. There are no universally agreed situations for how stable or regular problem of penile failure has to be and how long it needs to be present to fulfill definition of impotence.
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